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Carbon cakes: Skyonic turns CO2 into baking soda

CO2 is a problem, so wouldn’t it be great to turn it all into something else? Something useful? How about baking soda?

Texas-based start-up Skyonic plans to do just that by capturing and mineralising CO2 from industrial waste streams with a technology that can also be retro-fitted to existing emitters.

The company has already designed and built a ┬ápilot project at Capitol Aggregrates Inc’s cement plant in San Antonio, and now thanks to massive investment from BP, ConocoPhillips and PVS Chemicals, plans to develop a $125 million commercial-scale project in the same location.

The facility will be capable of capturing 83,000 short tons of CO2 a year and turning it into 157,000 tonnes of bicarbonate.

It will cost around $45 a ton to capture and convert the carbon initially, but planners say that continued research and development could drive the cost down to below $20 per ton.

Construction of the new project will begin this summer.