Electric car breaks backwards speed record

Electric cars aren’t the fastest vehicles on the road, but because their direct drive electric motor means that – in theory – they can travel as fast backwards as they can forwards, very few traditional motors can match them in reverse.

This claim was put to the test at the Goodwood Festival of speed, where Nissan – to promote its new all-electric LEAF model – hired pro driver Terry Grant to attempt a new record for the fastest car to travel a mile in reverse.

Terry hurtled into the Guinness World Records after covering a mile of uphill bends and 90 degree corners in just 1 minute 37.02 seconds.

“There were times I wasn’t sure I was coming or going,” said Terry. “However, thanks to the Leaf’s low centre of gravity – the batteries are an integral part of the car’s floor – the car is extremely stable, no matter which direction it’s travelling. The only complaint I have is slight neck ache from constantly looking over my shoulder.”

Considering how many people struggle to simply parallel park, Terry’s skills should be highly commended.

Check out Nissan’s promo for the impressive attempt:


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