Surprising household electricity habits revealed

Do you know how much your TV habit costs you? And we don’t mean your cable bill. As a nation, we watch an average of more than six hours of television a day, costing us £205 million in electricity more than the much-touted average of five hours a day.

This is just one finding from a new report by the Energy Saving Trust that delves deep into our household electricity habits. Other shockers include:

  • Single person households – over 29 percent of homes in the UK – use as much, if not more, energy than typical families use for cooking and laundry.
  • We run, on average, 5.5 washes a week, but we spend more on keeping crockery and cutlery clean than we do our clothes: using a dishwasher uses nearly twice as much energy as a washing machine.
  • Up to 16 percent of our electricity bill is spent on keeping appliances on standby.

Find more facts and figures, as well as guidance for lowering your energy bills, here.


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